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    TBT mom and bro - Kae 

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    Karrueche talks summer faves and must haves in her short interview with ASOS. Check it out HERE.

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    Karrueche with a fan a couple of hours ago

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    My friends are so hot - Karrueche 

  8. Love these crazy kids ❤

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  9. Anonymous said: Hello. I noticed that Kae has changed her twitter background pic and has reomoved all reference to her fashion line "The Kill". Do you know if that means that she is no longer going ahead with it. I hope not, I've been waiting patiently to get my hands on her product for a long time. Thank you.

    i dont think she is doing it anymore


  10. Anonymous said: Who did KARRUECHE date before Chris Brown?

    dont know the guys name lol


  11. Anonymous said: Those pinkish high heels are so beautiful!


  12. Anonymous said: Do you know if Kae lives vwith Chris???

    she does not

  13. Sleepover! #Vegas #GirlsOnly

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    With a fan earlier tonight in Vegas

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